It all started when…

Oswald the son of Senator Edgar Arrigo, born on the 12th of September 1911 started his working career with his father in the firm Edgar Arrigo in the late 1920’s. Although Oswald’s grandfather, Oswaldo 1843-1926, was a businessman, the next arrigo generation, from this branch of the family were all civil servants. Edgar 1870-1937 reached the very peak in the civil service & politics, by becoming the first speaker of the house, but saw that he needed to lay foundations for a career that his youngest son could follow. His eldest son Edward. G. was secure in his job, working from a very young age for the newly formed bianchi shipping firm established in 1916. The bianchi’s and this branch of the Arrigo family were first cousins through the Peralta family, their grandmothers beings sisters. Arthur, Senator Edgar’s second son, was a banker and his future seemed secure with the Bank of Malta, later to be affiliated with other local banks, becoming the National Bank of Malta in 1947.

When Edgar died in 1937, Oswald converted his fathers firm into a limited liability company the following year. It was not for another ten years, with the war years in between that a breakthrough was made with the purchase of the goodwill of the reputable English Chemists, Collis & Williams and WS Robinson & Co, the piano dealers, by Oswald Arrigo on behalf of Edgar Arrigo Limited. In 1938 Oswald was appointed honorary vice-council for Finland, a position handed down by his father, becoming consul in 1964 and Consul General in 1971. These appointments naturally steered the company towards trade with Scandinavian countries, and later with the development of tourism in Malta, became involved with this sector of business.

Oswald Arrigo became a prominent and leading member of the commercial community at the time, representing various leading European companies such as Germanischer Lloyd and Yorkshire Insurance Company Limited. In 1958 Oswald was appointed Knight of the order of the White Rose of the republic of Finland. He was a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce for 39 years, 14 of which served on the main management committee.

The company commenced operating from Old Mint Street in Valletta in 1965, opening another office in Graham Street in Sliema in 1990. Apart from its activities in tourism, acting as airline agents, tour operators, travel agents and proving touristic services, Oswald Arrigo Ltd is involved in trading with products such as paper. In the service industry the company handles ship and yacht registrations and are shipping agents.