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Hotel Software - Details

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Establish a personal relationship with every guest.

Customer Relationship Management   Record and maintain guest information quickly and easily with the sophisticated customer relationship management system.

  • Create private guest and company profiles to link with each other as needed
  • Categorise customer profiles and locate them easily with keyword search
  • Addresses, birthdays and personal preferences can berecorded and accessed easily.
  • At a glance billing and transaction history of each guest
  • Select contact information for targeted mail campaigns, quickly and accurately

Portal Manager (coming soon)

Integrated channel management & innovative time and process optimisation    

Update and maintain your prices and availability on booking.com & Co directly through ibelsa.rooms. With just one click, you can unlock offers, prices and allocationon all portals. The two way interface ensures that incoming reservations are entered directly into the hotel software. For € 5.00 per site, per month, ibelsa.rooms affords any hotel the time saving and error minimising benefits of using a channel manager. 

  • Allocationand price management for HRS & Co managed via the software
  • Reservations recorded directly within the hotel software
  • No additional fees for external channel management

Booking Engine

Booking through the hotel's own website &  effortless, commission-free reservations  

Take advantage of commission-free bookings received directly from your own site, and the clear cost and competitive advantages the software delivers.

  • Promotes and allows commission-free bookings through hotel websites
  • Allows availability and prices on websites to be locked or unlocked via the software
  • Two-way interface allows direct booking via websites: reservations are entered directly into the hotel software, without added effort on the part of the hotel or customer
  • Clean design and intuitive navigation encourage potential customers to make website reservations


The hub of your hotel is the cockpit  

The cockpit is your “command centre” from where you can view and manage key work processes, from the initial reservation through to check-out, and each step in between. This flexible work environment facilitates an agile, multi-task approach to hotel management, whilst maintaining an accurate overview of hotel particulars. 

  • Check-ins, stay-overs, and check-outs at a glance
  • View room rates and availability
  • Guest informationincluding invoicing and payment information
  • All channels, including room availability and rates, can be controlledfrom own website up to HRS & Co.


Your manager for documents and invoicing  

The Office is your fully integrated virtual office system. Here you can access all correspondence, reports and the cashier functions. Create one click mail merges to send form letters and newsletters to selected contacts, or simply print or email documents as needed.

  • Create, send and print documents: offers, confirmation letters, etc. 
  • Customer billing requests handled quickly and easily 
  • Set-up one click mail merges for selected clients  

Task Management

Never forget that extra cushion for Mr. Smith again…  

The notes and task module is always available from any area of the software so that you can provide structures and keep track of your tasks.   Forward date notes so that they automatically appear in your task list at the appropriate time.   Room Rack (coming soon)

Room Rack Management - intuitive, visual organization.

This multi-functional representation of your “reservation book” contains room availability by type, total room availability and reservations booked, along with important calendar events and current room status.   Reservations can be booked, viewed and edited quickly; all within a neat, user-friendly, thoughtful design.

  • Everything in one tool: availability by room type, total room availability and the room rack
  • Graphic display of all reservations
  • Intuitive and interactive, drag and drop interface  

Social Media Integration (coming soon)

Bookings via Facebook & Co. -  do you just have fans or do you have guests?                                 

A sophisticated booking engine which ensures various social media sites can connect directly to the software and upload your current room rates. Message updates and your latest offers can also be transferred directly from the software onto your Facebook fan page with ease.

  • Direct updates regarding prices, room availability and daily information, via the software
  • Direct booking facilities on Facebook and Twitter
  • Fully integrated, automatic updates between social media sites and the software  

My Hotel

System Management - swift, simple and fun to setup!  

My Hotel contains your hotel’s master data. Configure your software quickly and easily with the help of the setup wizard. Simply enter the relevant information specific to your hotel (from room categories and staff records, to turnover classes and services), and you are good to go.

  • Define product categories, sales groups and tax classes
  • Create individual rooms and their categories
  • Store hotel specific data
  • Manage staff and login data
  • Arrange flexible room rates and additional services
  • Input and update seasonal and daily rates
  • Define and set group discounts or price reductions  

Revenue Management

From fluctuating daily rates, and special rates for corporate partners, to additional service arrangements, the software ensures your prices are adjusted quickly and flexibly.  With just one click you can set a minimum stay, introduce a block rate for a certain time period, or allow for daily or weekly price variations.  Once prices have been set, uploading them to the website, booking portals and social media sites, is also just a click away.


Freedom for the hotel owner - total control via mobile devices  

The app makes it as easy to manage the hotelsoftware from you mobile device as it is on the hotel computer. Booking enquiries can be responded to at any time, reservations can be updated and key figures checked. Our app enables the day-to-day running of the hotel to be handled whilst on the move - anytime, anywhere. 

  • Native app for iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Complete access to the daily running of the hotel, ensuring peace of mind when not on the premises
  • Optimal use of modern devices


Relax. Everything is secure! We care.  

We protect your data. 3 tons of TNT? 3 hours at 3000°C? A stage 12 hurricane perhaps? We won’t allow anything to touch your data. In addition, the system has a default rate of 0.01% - is this something your regular server can provide? Your data is backed-up in multiple locations and so is always protected and secure, ready for use.  

Software as a Service

Instant access  

  • no installation
  • no waiting time
  • no new hardware  

Your hotel management software is directly ready for use. Installation can be done via any Internet browser, and once you have utilized the set-up wizard, ibelsa.rooms is ready to go. No waiting for installation to complete, and no training session necessary.  


Internet-based work with unlimited access  

Thanks to the latest technologies, the software responds promptly to all input commands, and the cloud facilitates our software in terms of speed.

  • Internet-based work with unlimited access via PC, laptop or smartphone
  • Web pages loadrapidly thanks to the high end technology AJAX  
  • Ease of use as though operating a software interface  

Intuitive Operation

By the industry for the industry.  

The software was developed by specialists within the IT and international hotel management sectors in accordance with the principle "keep it short and simple". Through the utilization of clear, uncluttered and consistent design, and an emphasis on user friendly processes, it has developed into the complete solution for today’s hotelier.

Optimal performance easy and fast

Simply ingenious  

A web-based hotel management software that enables the user to easily navigate through the various processes involved in running a hotel; from customer care and the managementof booking engines, to the integration of hotel websites and all types of social media.   Developed in collaboration with experts from within the hospitality industry and IT sector, it is a rapidly deployable and easy to learn software designed for the international market.

Full cost control

Only € 4.00 per room per month  

  • No contract
  • No update and support costs
  • Absolutely no hidden extras  

The software is based on a simple financial model, with no hidden costs. The hotel owner leases the software with a flat, monthly rate, depending on the number of hotel rooms. There are no costs involved for installation, hardware, updates, training, travel costs or support.

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