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Oswald Arrigo Ltd

Alliances & Joint Ventures

The spirit of enterprise is the motor that drives Oswald Arrigo Ltd and the challenges of new ventures is the fuel that keeps our company moving forward at speed and with confidence. Whilst retaining our position as leaders in the fields, we are already active in, we are determined to continue moving into new ventures, either as partners with others or in joint ventures and alliances. We continuously seek new opportunites and invite proposals from interested partners. We are a good name to know in Malta.

We are interested in partnering with other companies where strategic opportunities exist, and we invest in area's close to our experience and industry knoledge, and also in new area's.

Alliances & Joint Ventures with local and international companies brings in new opportunities to the company, and brings additional expertise and resources to the company. Malta is today emerging as one of the fastest growing financial services centre, call centres, and front runner in the provision of ICT services in the Mediterranean. Malta has also a planned technology park to be constructed in Malta.

The plan is to transform a previous industrial area of Malta into a state-of-the-art information technology and media city based on the models of Dubai Internet and Media City. Oswald Arrigo Ltd intends to maximize the benefit to Malta and private enterprises in Malta that should result from this international investment, as the exposure that Malta will obtain from this project will also benefit other sectors of the Maltese economy. www.smartcity.ae.

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