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Oswald Arrigo Ltd


The company “Oswald Arrigo Limited” was founded in 1965 by the late Oswald Arrigo, who was involved in Trading & Shipping since the 1930’s. With the development of tourism as one of the Island’s most important industries, his sons, Edgar & George Arrigo had recognised the Island’s potential and got involved also in the Travel & Tourism industry.

Through their personal involvement over the years they have gained experience in the handling of tourism. Their early diversification into travel has established themselves among the island’s leading Destination Management Companies.  

Oswald Arrigo Ltd operates from their street level Administrative Offices in the fashionable town of Sliema, also the leading tourist resort in Malta. The company is a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, Destination Management Company Directorate (DMCD). The Association of Finnish Travel Agents (AFTA), Federated Association of Travel & Tourism Agents (FATTA), the Malta Tourism Authority, and the Airport Operators Committee. To operate successfully in Malta means collaborating with Oswald Arrigo Limited – Incoming DMC

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